Music video madness 1: Good Days - WACO

Music video madness 1: Good Days

The first in a blog series on our lockdown music videos.

Music video madness 1: Good Days 

Some people ask us, ‘How did you make all these music videos in lockdown?’. In this blog, we’re going to explain, starting with ‘Good Days’. 

When Covid-19 hit the UK, we wanted to do something to help. We’d recorded an album of new music with Steve Sears at Monolith Studios, but we weren’t sure how or when the world would hear it. As the pandemic spread, we noticed other artists putting their release schedules back. After putting our heads together, we decided to release ‘Good Days’ as a one-off single on Venn Records to spread some positivity and raise a bit of cash for NHS Charities Together.

To do that, we needed a video. And when it came to inspiration, we were standing on the shoulders of giants. 

As it turned out, many artists would have a similar idea, from Body Count ft. Riley Gale to Charli XCX to Feeder themselves. But we had an important advantage: the WACO family. 

After we put word out, we received over 100 clips from fans and friends from as far afield as Russia, Belarus, Spain, the Netherlands and Jersey. They sent us DIY vids of them rocking out mowing the lawn, sipping Stellas on the patio, shredding ukuleles, bathing indoors and out, fighting crime as Bananaman, and volleying teabags like a pre-hair transplant Wayne Rooney. (Not to mention the scenes that weren’t safe for YouTube.) 

With a tangle of footage compiled, and a release day deadline looming, we turned to the expert help of our longtime collaborator Paul Blue. He sent us this complicated photo of his edit suite before he handed over the lush final product. 

For cover art, we chose a cheeky outtake from a band photoshoot by Greg Holland. Alba the dog’s carefree tryst in Hackney Downs seemed to sum up the silliness and easy living of a summer that suddenly felt really far away. 

We pushed hard for donations for NHS workers and published this thank you letter in Discovered Magazine

Soon after ‘Good Days’, it became clear that the pandemic was here to stay a good while longer. Our 2020 gigs started dropping out of the calendar, and we needed to decide what to do with the album of songs we’d just finished…  

To be continued. 

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