Music video madness 2: Dark Before the Dawn - WACO

Music video madness 2: Dark Before the Dawn

Pt. 2 in our music video blog series

Some people ask us, ‘How did you make all these music videos in lockdown?’. In this blog, we’re going to explain ‘Dark Before The Dawn’.

After the release of ‘Good Days’, we spoke to Venn Records and asked them if they’d like to release our new album. We were honoured to release our first three EPs with the label, so we hoped they’d like Hope Rituals too. Venn replied and said they loved the album and that they wanted to release it. Bingo!

We were really happy with the reaction to ‘Good Days’ and the donations that everybody gave, so we decided to release another song for charity. It was May and lockdown here in London was in full swing. We chose ‘Dark Before The Dawn’ and we decided to make a lyric video, but with our own WACO twist.

Instead of animated words on a screen, we thought we’d combine it with a self-made video of our singer Jak performing to the camera. We asked our collaborator and artist friend Luke Moss to bring it all together and make it magical.

While Luke worked on animating the lyrics and the psychedelic, spiralling backdrop, Jak experimented at home with his iPhone.

Using a UV blacklight that he’d originally acquired for our ‘Wrangler’ video back in 2015, he balanced his iPhone in a desk in his bedroom and did some takes to the camera late one night.

Luke then combined what he’d been working on with the videos from Jak and proceeded to make it all weird and colourful. Although it might not seem it, this is the first music video Luke has made. We took a chance on him based on his beautiful artwork and his vision. We were not disappointed!

For the cover art, our guitarist Tom drew something using Micron 05 and 01 pens and plain paper.

When it came to deciding which charity we would be donating to, the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Choice was the right choice for us. During the making of this video, the Black Lives Matter protests had erupted all over the world following the brutal murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police. The work that the SLCC do with young people from disadvantaged and under-represented backgrounds is a part of the ongoing fight for equality, representation, freedom and opportunity. This is something we support wholeheartedly.

And that’s it! Thanks for reading.

Next week we’re looking at Busy Livin’.


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